Joomla SEO: Optimizing Your Joomla Site

Joomla SEO: Optimizing Your Joomla Site
Optimizing your Joomla website for search is an essential part of marketing. With the kind of competition the World Wide Web presents to online businesses, failing to take into account organic search can mean a great loss of potential profit. Search engine optimization has always been a popular topic in web marketing circles. However, it is also one surrounded by a lot of misconceptions that newcomers often believe. The dramatic shifts in SEO best practices make optimization an even more confusing topic for website owners. Educating yourself about the latest in Joomla SEO is your best weapon in times of rapid changes in the digital marketing environment. The following are some SEO extensions and basic SEO tips you can consider to use with and apply your site:
SH404SEF – This SEO extension is a favorite among web marketers and Joomla site owners. It enables customization and easy configuration of on site SEO. This is a good place to start if you want to make your URLs more search-engine friendly or review your 404 pages and set up redirects easily. This tool also provides you with a central hub for upgrading other website details to create more search engine-friendly pages, including your meta titles and meta descriptions.
XMAP – XMAP is another specialized Joomla extension that allows easy creation of site maps. Site maps are extremely useful when it comes to indexing. Submitting one to Google allows your site to be indexed more properly by the search engine.
Create a blog – Generating fresh, good quality content is one of the most important elements of a successful website. Modern SEO has changed a lot, but content remains to be a critical part of optimization that builds relevance and authority. 
Optimize contact page – contact pages are crucial resources that contain your business' key information. You can use your contact page to associate your company with listings across the web. It is critical to include your business' NAP or name, address, and phone number, and keep these details consistent across listings. Leverage Google Places and embed Google Maps to your contact page. This will help enhance your local SEO.
Expand content – More than creating a blog, expanding your actual website content is crucial for optimization. Generating relevant website content and spreading them out in your website instead of lumping them all on one page will give search engines more pages to crawl. This means more opportunities for visibility in SERPs. However, you should also keep your pages within an ideal number and organize your content accordingly to prevent complex navigation. Remember that user experience also plays a big role in optimization. A website that is too complex to navigate is bad for your user experience and can result in high bounce rates.
Optimize website speed – In relation to user experience, you need to make sure that your website loads pages quickly, including content and images. Increasing the speed of your website not only helps enhance user experience, but also helps search engine bots crawl more pages faster and more efficiently. 
Use other Joomla SEO plug-ins and extensions – There are numerous other plug-ins and extensions available on the web for your Joomla site. Some of these function as keyword or content generators, others help customize optimization elements. Some still, like Blackwood Productions' SEO plug-in, creates a single platform where you can manage all SEO elements and control your website conveniently. 
Blackwood Productions is a leader in creating web development tools that help website owners and marketers simplify search engine optimization and website/domain management, based on years of experience, knowledge, and research.
Joomla SEO: Optimizing Your Joomla Site
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Joomla SEO: Optimizing Your Joomla Site Joomla SEO: Optimizing Your Joomla Site

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