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3 Deadly Internet Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

Staying current with all the algorithm and system updates that search engines make can be a very daunting task, especially with strict guidelines in play for every internet search engine optimization campaign you put into action in your website. In an effort to give internet users the best possible index of results for the things they are looking for online, search engines will only continue to revise and improve their system and ranking equations. Here are some deadly SEO mistakes you can and are probably making and some ways to avoid slip-ups because of them:

1.    Improper keyword research. Despite the many algorithm and equation changes that search engines throw at web marketers and website owners, one thing remains—search runs on keywords. And since search engine results show websites that are relevant to keyword queries, it is a mistake not to keep your content grounded on proper keyword research. If you select and generate your web postings willy-nilly rather than create content based on keywords and topics that are relevant to what your website is all about, you limit your opportunity to attract qualified traffic. There are many different tools that you can use to do proper keyword research, most of which are offered free. Google's Adwords Keyword Research service, for example, allow you to look for the best and most competitive search queries that generate the kind of traffic volume you need and want for your website.

2.    Holding on to low-value backlinks. Link building is one of the most important aspects of internet search engine optimization. In years past, quantity is favored over quality when it comes to backlinks. Now that the tables have turned, however, search engines put quality ahead of quantity when ranking websites. Therefore, holding on to low-value backlinks, such as those coming from spammy and irrelevant websites as well as those that are built purposefully for distributing links just to keep your numbers high is unwise. Google's Penguin update weeds out spam sites out of their search results, which means backlink profiles riddled with spammy links may cause your site to be penalized. To avoid this, pursue links from relevant authority sites that will add value to your own website.

3.     Developing a site that is hard to index. Search engine robots are text hogs. This means they digest textual content more effectively than images and other web design elements. For a search engine to effectively index your site for proper reference whenever a searcher types in search queries that are relevant to your content, their robots will have to know that your content is indeed relevant to the search queries. This is why it is important to optimize your website accordingly, while also maintaining good user experience. To avoid being overlooked by search bots, take it easy on the use of certain web design elements that are hard for them to read and digest such as images (or text that is embedded in images), flash animations, JavaScript and code elements.
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