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In the past, online marketing is all about raising traffic. Now that building relationships among consumers and audiences offers more value than mere traffic numbers, online marketers are more concerned in establishing rapport with audiences than merely counting how many visits web pages get. Here is a review of excellent online tools that can help you build better consumer relationships while keeping your internet marketing search engine optimization efforts in the right balance with all other online marketing strategies you are using. We used five (5) important criteria to assess these potential marketing tools, namely, their ease of use, relationship-building capabilities, data tracking, email marketing features, and cost:

1.    Vertical Response: This tool and service is designed for small businesses. It uses an user-friendly template for email marketing, while also offering a quick and easy means to build your database and upload your existing contacts, so you can reach out to audiences and reinforce relationships easily. The tool also offers quick online tracking features and offers detailed reports on clickthroughs and "reads" or "opens". The tool even tells you if an email address isn't active anymore or if you have entered a contact twice. Vertical Response also features professional email and newsletter templates to help you present your messages and updates better. Moreover, the service has a pre-paid credit payment system for easy budget management.

2.    WeMeUS: This online marketing tool is directed at marketing professionals who want to organize, manage, and retain contacts effectively for more convenient email marketing. It allows you to tag and categorize existing contacts and links accounts to LinkedIn networks and contacts for easy relationship-building and management. The program also offers a 360-view of a user's email marketing activity, as well as quick tracking of which contacts are opening your messages. The tool also uses unique message templates that can be personalized with company artwork and logo for extended branding and better engagement. Premium membership with WeMeUs is also offered at very reasonable costs, plus the tool is available for free trial.

3.    Blackwood Productions: If you want a complete internet marketing search engine optimization tool and service, then Blackwood Productions is the best place to turn to. More than email marketing, this leading web marketing and SEO company offers comprehensive services, including social media and press release management, basic SEO, digital marketing, as well as mobile site and app creation. The service offers excellent tracking and monitoring capabilities, scanning and analyzing metrics for better evaluation of your online marketing efforts. SEO services are also semi-automatic, streamlining repetitive SEO tasks, while keeping subjective tasks monitored by actual SEO experts. The service also offers weekly press releases, blog updates, and display advertising and packages offer unique tracking services, along with Google Suite integration, which allows you to access important analytics tools in one convenient platform for easy data and results monitoring. The company also offers competitive rates, most of which require no setup fees. The most basic SEO package available start as low as $99.75.
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Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization

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