Instagram Influencer Marketing Shopify

Instagram Influencer Marketing Shopify

Ever since the dawn of social media, prominent networks like Instagram have seen exponential growth in users and this has led to a new form of marketing known as influencer marketing.

Instagram influencer marketing has been on the uproar in recent years with major brands all over the world looking to this sector as a means of improving reputation, creating awareness on their latest products, creating a sense of attachment to fans of influencers and even to go as far as a means of creating a brand identity.

Influencer marketing isn’t only limited to top brands though but also creates an avenue for ecommerce businesses to also enjoy its benefits. Instagram influencer marketing for ecommerce purposes can be a little tricky as you need to take into account a number of factors to not get the best Instagram influencer for your business.

Instagram influencer marketing in ecommerce is best utilized by you getting a Instagram influencer that actually falls within this niche, yes Instagram influencers can be easily noticed all over Instagram but considering you are running a ecommerce business, your market audience wouldn’t necessarily be the audience of Instagram influencers for brands at large, but rather a influencer that advertises products that are ecommerce inclined.

So, what’s the difference between Instagram influencers for big brands and Instagram influencers for ecommerce?

Instagram influencers for huge brands often market products from big brands. Big brands in this context could mean fortune 500 companies, Nike, electronic arts (EA) and so on, get the picture? well you need to understand that their audiences are most likely looking for the next big thing for such brands and if they see a product that doesn’t align with such expectations, then they following up on your product may occur.

Instagram influencers for ecommerce on the other hand have a ready-made audience with experience in making purchases of ecommerce products, which is exactly what you need for your business.

So, what do you look for before choosing an Instagram influencer marketer?

Regardless of the ecommerce business you run, you would have most likely googled questions like how can i get Instagram influencers for Shopify, how can i get the perfect Instagram influencer for my ecommerce business and so on. if you fall under this bracket, then we have you covered as below are some factors to take into account before making your choice.

  1. Engagement.

Engagement metrics are very importance when making your choice on the influencer to go with as it gives an insight into how many people are interacting with the influencers content. Likes, shares, comments on content are some of the key activities you should look into and shouldn’t be neglected at all.

  1. Reach.

Another very important factor is the reach the influencer affords. reach in this context means the number of followers, views, and likes as all of these give an insight as to the number of people who are to view your product.

  1. Reputation.

Instagram influencers are public figures and like all other public figures they have reputations and images they project to their audiences. It is essential to know what their reputation is and to see whether they align with those of your ecommerce business.

  1. Content.

It is also essential to take into account the quality of the content the influencers put out to the audiences. factors like picture/ video quality, consistency are among of the major factors to consider under this as the best content guarantees that the audience gets a clear picture of your band and what you do.

  1. Price.

Price is a very important factor to consider before going into any campaign for your ecommerce business. you need to understand how much you are willing to shell out for the program before contracting any influencer. The best practice also involves you checking out a number of influencers who meet the expected standards and get a glance of their pricing before making your choice.

Are you in need of assistance in making the right choice? why not schedule a 30-minute walkthrough with our experts in order to make the best influencer choice.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Shopify
Instagram Influencer Marketing Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing Shopify

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