High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

Measuring High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

It is not enough that your business subscribes to a high search engine ranking optimization program. To determine the success or failure of your marketing attempts, you need ways to measure how well your business is doing in terms of reaching your consumers and target audiences. Online marketing is an investment and you need ways to know whether or not your investment is paying out and how your website is bringing you real business value. Measuring online marketing success isn't about expensive tools and software that generate all sorts of data. Even the simplest analytics tools can help you gauge, monitor, and track how your online marketing campaign is doing. Here are key points you need to remember to help you focus your data generation and evaluation efforts:

1.    Know what to measure. Go back to your original drawing board and be reminded of your key goals. This way, you will know exactly what to measure. Website goals can generally be divided into two types: revenue and engagement goals. Revenue goals refer to calls to action like a sale, appointment requests, or a physical visit to your business' location.  Engagement goals, on the other hand, refer to organic traffic (clickthroughs via search engines), long visit duration, and visitor sign-up.

2.    Know appropriate tools to use. There are numerous tools and software that you can use to measure your revenue or engagement goals. No matter the size of your campaign, your high search engine ranking optimization program will benefit greatly from a web analytics program, many of which you can use for free, like Google Analytics. Web master tools from Google and Bing, are also very useful, especially if you want to access data that search engines have on your site. These data are especially useful as they are the very numbers that search engines use to determine your website's worth.

3.    Know what metrics to focus on. This can be a number of things. Monitoring qualified traffic, for one is a good place to start. Qualified traffic or visitors are people who are more likely to convert into customers. You can determine whether a visitor is a potential customer by looking at traffic sources. Traffic from unpaid searches (organic searches via search engines, for instance) are great examples of qualified traffic, along with traffic from referring sites, or sites that link to your content, which also offer great value.

4.    Don't obsess on sales. Not everyone who visits your website is looking to purchase something. Some visitors simply want to learn more about what you can offer—while this may appear like wasted effort, this metric also allow you to get valuable insight on how well or how effectively you are engaging your potential customers. Instead of focusing solely on increased sales, consider looking at your engagement metrics, such as the time or duration of page views, your RSS subscriptions, and similar data. These metrics allow you to dig deeper into how your marketing strategies are affecting consumer behavior.
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High Search Engine Ranking Optimization High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

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