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Product and service guarantees are important when you’re buying a product like an iPhone, for example, but not when you are buying SEO. The simple fact is that there can never be real guarantees that your site will get the top rank, even after a comprehensive round of optimization campaign. Those so-called guaranteed SEO services are almost always scams that deceitful companies use to take money from unsuspecting clients. Sadly, many inexperienced website owners fall for it and end up losing money.

Here are top three reasons why SEO results cannot be guaranteed:

1.    No one outside of Google's experts and engineers know what algorithm the search engine uses to rank websites. Without this information, it is impossible to guarantee results or that your website is following Google's or any other search engine's standards to the letter. It's just like trying to impress your professor with a paper you wrote, but for which he didn't give any outlines or guidelines. Not knowing what he wants out of the paper, you can only guess what will satisfy his standards enough to give you a good grade. In the same way, you can't really be completely sure what your website's ranking will be when you're blind to these rules and algorithms.

2.    Rankings vary from one location to another and from one user to another. Local search signals play a big part especially when searching for generic keywords like good hotels or great restaurants. Since search results depend on a user's location and/or Google+ profile, connections, and other contributing factors, they are too unpredictable for guarantees.

3.    A solid rank on SERPs only shows that you are doing good SEO work, but it doesn't necessarily reflect your website's performance (i.e., conversions). You may be able to attract a good deal of traffic through organic searches, but if you fail to convert them to paying customers, your top rank can't really guarantee success for your business.    

Google itself has this to say about guaranteed SEO services:

"No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google."

There were never any priority submissions nor will  there ever be any special relationships that can exist between an SEO organization and the search giant. This only strengthens the argument that you shouldn't trust companies that insist on guaranteed top spots in search engines. A reputable and trustworthy SEO company will be confident enough to admit these things to their clients and effectively spell out why SEO results can never be guaranteed.

Does this mean you should neglect search optimization all together? Robert Bibb of Blackwood Productions, a leading search engine optimization and online marketing firm, has the answer. "Absolutely not. Failing to lay SEO groundwork for your website will kill your traffic as your competitors strengthen their campaigns. While the best SEO companies will never guarantee a ‘top one’ ranking on Google, you can be sure that they will go leaps and bounds to boost your rankings up in the best way possible, without resorting to black hat techniques."
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