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Drupal SEO Plugin: Enhancing Website Optimization
Drupal is a widely used open-source, free content management framework. As of this writing, it is used as back-end framework for at least 2.1% of all websites around the world, including personal blogs, and even corporate, political, and government websites. It is also widely used for business collaboration and knowledge management. Like many other website platforms, Drupal tries hard to make the implementation of search engine optimization as easy as possible. The platform itself has its own SEO modules that help integrate various SEO processes into your website. These are very useful tools that enable efficient SEO, but if you want a complete Drupal SEO plugin that acts as a central dashboard for your optimization requirements, Blackwood Production's SEO platform is an ideal choice, providing you advanced features and semi-automatic management that streamlines tedious tasks, while maintaining best practices.
Drupal prides itself on being one of the most search engine-friendly content management systems available today. Just the same, optimization is still a must if you wish to maintain your standing and even dominate your niche when it comes to searches. Drupal already has several modules that you can install to help you with SEO. That is, if you want to take advantage of what the platform offers by itself. The following are examples of some of Drupal's most downloaded modules:
Pathauto - This particular tool saves web administrators time from having to manually create path/URL aliases by automatically generating them based on configurable patterns.
Page title - This module enables you to take control of the node that renders your default page titles. By using this tool, you can create any title name for your content, thus allowing you to formulate more search-friendly, unique, and relevant titles to help make your pages become more searchable.
Metatag - Drupal does not support editable meta tags fields. This is where the metatag module comes in handy. It allows you to gain control over your pages' meta tags, including your page description, title, and keywords. This particular module also provides the option of setting default tags for the whole site or for individual pages.
Content optimizer - Drupal's content optimizer tool works hand in hand with the content analyzer module. It analyzes and generates statistics of your content, helping you gain insight about how SEO friendly your pages and your entire site is. The tool also provides recommendations of actions that you can follow to improve your search rankings.
Redirect - If your site has duplicate content issues, the Redirect module helps you redirect existing URLs to another, thus keeping two links on your site without rendering a 404 error.
SEO Checklist - This module creates a list of the most crucial SEO tasks and relevant modules that you need to install in order to improve onsite optimization. It allows you to monitor SEO tasks and helps you mark-off issues you have already dealt with, automatically.
Drupal also has an SEO suite known as Drupal SEO tools, which provides a dashboard that covers basic SEO functions like keywords, tags, titles, redirects, paths, sitemaps, Google analytics, webmaster tools, and more. However, if you want a more comprehensive Drupal SEO plugin that is independent of your platform, Blackwood Productions as a cool offering that will enable you to manage your website's SEO more efficiently. This plug-in is a result of many years of continuous development and is now one of the most sought after multi-platform SEO plug-in used by WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and Drupal site owners. It allows multiple domain management from a single dashboard, and offers superior features, ranging from relevant linking to SEO architecture, content marketing, analytics, reporting, and even mobile-friendly development.
Drupal SEO Plugin: Getting the Most Out Of Your Drupal Site
Drupal is one of the leading open-source content management systems (CMS) online. It is used by hundreds of thousands to develop flexible, robust, and sophisticated websites, applications, and social media networks. From its proven qualities, open source nature, superior features, we have amassed a set of core reasons why many people adopt its use for their websites, blogs, social media networks, and online projects. Looking to optimize your Drupal website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Then you need a Drupal SEO plugin. Such a technology helps Drupal sites rank well by semi-automating the most time consuming tasks involved in traditional search engine optimization.
There are many benefits to choosing Drupal for your next web/CMS project, and below are just some of them:
The platform is a tried and tested tool that has proven its worth throughout the years as evidenced by the different world class brands and organizations using it as base for highly complex websites. The Drupal platform has the capability to handle massive amounts of visitor traffic and allows user-friendly creation of basic to sophisticated sites. You don't need to look far to discover sites using Drupal for CMS. It is used by popular web entities like Google, Yahoo, and AOL, as well as worldwide organizations like The United Nations, Amnesty International, and Greenpeace. Drupal is also used by music groups like Sony/BMG, Warner Bros Music, and Universal, and even well-known brands like FedEx, Disney, Nike, and MTV. A mature product, Drupal has a huge user base and is now downloaded at least 150,000 times per month. It is easy to find Drupal SEO plugins, too.
Drupal is an open source application that is developed and maintained in a collaborative manner by thousands of programmers, all of whom are determined to create the best content management system possible. Not only does this mean free core software, a huge database of modules and well designed themes, and team-based maintenance. It also means timely enhancements according to the demands of the active community of users and developers, using the product every day.
Unlike many other CMS products that box you in a rigid paradigm of what and how the original developers believe a website should be, Drupal gives you all the freedom in the world to structure your site in any conceivable manner. If a core module or a contributed one doesn't give you what you need, it is always possible to do some tweaks in the source code to provide you the custom functionality you want.
Drupal is also designed for fast deployment, enabling you to work in true Web 2.0 fashion, in which core functionalities and features can be deployed rabidly to the market and iterative customizations and enhancements can be made over time. This also gives you the advantage of being able to allocate a small initial project to get the project live.
The system offers long-term security for your business investment as all functionalities and features you might need are within a single platform, thus providing you greater control over your system and its users. Drupal also provides great flexibility to adapt features. In fact, the script has thousands of plug-ins available on its own website. Its open source nature also gives you access to third party add-ons that can help improve functions enhance performance. Blackwood Productions' Drupal SEO plugin is an excellent example of an easy to integrate third party product that allows you to manage optimization from a single location. Blackwood Productions has spent years perfecting an SEO plug-in that is now used and trusted by tens of thousands of websites worldwide.
Drupal Seo Plugin

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