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Contest Administration

Contest Administration

5 Questions To Ask About Contest Administration

Contest administration is a crucial aspect of any giveaway that a company wishes to engineer. Before we decide to have a contest of any kind, it is time that we hire a contest administration provider. All of these vendors are not created equally, though. That's why we will need to ask certain questions.

Contest administration is not about hiring the flashiest vendor. It is about selecting the administrator that is best for our needs. Let's take a closer look at the questions that need to be asked of any vendor that we are considering to assist us.

1) Do They Know The Contest Laws Inside and Out?

Having a contest might seem like one of the easiest pursuits for a person to take on. In reality, there are a wide range of laws that govern these contests. If we do not hire the proper companies to assist us, these laws may elude us completely. The last thing that any contest holder should want is to run afoul of the law in a manner that is completely avoidable.

2) Are There Any Samples of Past Works For Us To Look At?

There is no reason why we should be allowing a company to handle a task of this magnitude without taking the time to find out more about their background first. Let's face the facts here: any company worth their salt is going to be able to talk a big game about their ability to assist us. The truly top notch administration providers, on the other hand? They are more apt to walk the walk instead.

3) Has The Company Experienced Legal Issues Before?

While this does not have to be a deal breaker, it is still not ideal. The contest administrator should be able to provide the client with some small level of reassurance regarding their past. Ask about their insurance coverage and make sure that they are covered for any liabilities that may take place. No one wants to end up sitting in a court of law over an issue that could have been addressed from the beginning.

4) What About Bonding and Registration?

These are two areas that need to be fully addressed by the company that we are considering. If they cannot provide us with any sort of useful information as it relates to these matters, this is our chance to run as fast as our legs will carry us in the opposite direction. If the bonding and registration isn't taken care of, we could be placing ourselves in a position to experience hefty (and unwanted) fees.

5) Who Is Going To Be Doing The Work?

Some of the best salespeople of all time work in the world of contest administration. They are able to tell us anything that we want to hear and coax us into signing on the dotted line in the process. That's why we need to take the impetus to ask the right questions. Don't make the mistake of assuming that the person we speak with is the person who will be handling all of our most urgent needs.


Contest Administration
Contest Administration Contest Administration

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