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Buy SEO Services: How NOT to Get Ripped Off

The SEO and online marketing industry is not immune to fraudsters and scam artists that are out to swindle serious money from unsuspecting clients. You should only buy SEO services from trustworthy and highly experienced professionals and skip on too-good-to-be-true offers and promises from phony firms. Before you agree to a contract with a prospect provider, watch out for the following red flags that will help you determine a fraud or simply inept SEO company from a real, competent, and legitimate provider:

1.    Random calls/emails from an 'expert' company. If an SEO firm resorts to cold calling clients into buying their services, they most probably are not worth your business. A good online marketer, will first and foremost know how to market their own services without ambushing clients through random phone and email marketing. Will they be able to competently market your company online? We don't think so.

2.    Misleading rankings. Some companies trick clients into buying their services by appearing authoritative through paid links. What they do is attract rankings for some keywords by investing in paid links, which put them in the top spots of paid listings. Naturally, they attract a steady flow of clients and sales, which is why they can afford expensive paid links to stay on top. This will also mean high billing rates for paid-link driven optimization, which, in the long run will drain your SEO budget. When this happens, you will find that you have invested in the wrong kind of search marketing and you will have to start from the bottom to start ranking for organic search traffic. Save yourself the time, money and pain and buy SEO service from firms that offer the right balance between organic SEO and paid SEM.

3.    Offshore work. A lot of SEO companies operate their sales operation in the US and outsource SEO work in developing countries that have relatively low labor costs. With the SEO professionals who actually do the work for you located on the other side of the world, it can be hard to monitor the quality of work done, unless the company has solid client support. In addition, a lot of offshore SEO work lean towards practices that search engines frown upon, not only diminishing your website quality, but putting it at risk for penalties.

4.    Industry jargon. A good SEO professional will be able to explain to you exactly what optimization can do to improve your website rankings using common English, shady players will try to confuse you with big words and complicated industry jargon not only to make them sound 'expert' but try to pull more money out of your pocket.

5.    Top rank guarantees. Be wary of marketing agencies that promise you the first spot in Google rankings for your target keywords. Even Google has said that nobody can guarantee a number 1 ranking in search results as standards and factors in determining these rankings vary and are too many for a service to merit a guarantee. Instead of falling for tempting guarantees, look for credible assurances of a company's experience and expertise—these are more realistic guarantees that they will actually work to put you on top results.

6.    Black hat practices. Black hat SEO simply refers to practices that don't follow the guidelines set by search engines. Instead, they use trickery and manipulation to make search engines believe that a site is relevant. When your SEO professional begins talking about link farms and other spammy black hat techniques, head for the doors and look for another company to buy SEO services from.
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