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Website optimization should never be a one-time deal. It should be a continuous process that seeks to improve your website's performance based on the results that each round of campaign yields. In fact, one of the most important elements of an SEO program is the ability to adjust practices and strategies according to actual results. This is also why tracking data and monitoring the right results is crucial in the success of your campaign. It is likewise important to find the best SEO services that know which data and metrics to track for proper analysis of results. Optimization and marketing campaigns have unique goals, which is why it is imperative that the services you subscribe to can be tailored to meet your business' unique needs.

Unless a website has one and only one purpose, which is to generate traffic to sell ad space, SEO success shouldn't solely be based on rankings and organic traffic (although these factors are still important signals to monitor). You will have to dig deeper than just superficial traffic ratings and page rankings and look at other indicators of true success like:

1.    Non-brand and Segment-brand Searches. To determine whether or not organic search drives business to a site, performance metrics acquired from non-branded queries should be specifically analyzed. Overall organic metrics may have been influenced by other marketing efforts, including offline campaigns that generate branded organic queries. To avoid incorrectly attributing these traffic spikes to SEO, you will need to exclude branded search queries and segment out non-branded searches to gain better insight into SEO performance. The best SEO services have access to analytics platforms that can effectively separate these factors for a more objective analysis of SEO. SEO can also affect branded search, when returning visitors do segment-brand queries, which is why it is important to weigh other marketing efforts and events that can impact results against these metrics.

2.    Engagement and Bounce-back Rates. Search engines do not like it when traffic bounces—that is, when a visitor leaves the site immediately or without visiting a second page). Sites and pages with high bounce rate are often given lower rankings because they are deemed not useful to visitors. Engagement is also a huge factor in determining page rankings and is also a good indicator whether or not you are targeting the correct or the best keywords for your site. Most of the time, poor engagement is a result of poor keyword targeting. What you can do is substitute low-engagement keywords with more relevant alternatives that can target customers more effectively and increase engagement.

3.    User Action. Rarely will a site engage in SEO only to drive search traffic. Usually, SEO is done to attract site visitors to fill out a lead form, sign up for a news letter, buy a product, or subscribe to a service. Tracking these user actions will also help you determine whether or not SEO is driving meaningful traffic to your landing pages.

All these things along with other basic metrics can help you analyze your optimization efforts and reverse-engineer your strategies to implement a better and even more successful campaign.
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