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Having a website can make you proud, especially when people think it looks great, which is good because a well-made site usually means more traffic... until you Google it. You can't find your website. If that's the case, don't panic, because the best SEO service can get you started on an affordable yet reliable search engine optimization program that can place your website on search engines.

Can I Do SEO By Myself?

Technically, you can, just like you can fix your own car. You can learn SEO by yourself—for free—because there are plenty of resources online to tell you how you can make your page friendly in  the eyes of search engines. You may even sign up for a training course on web development and certification programs for SEO. But is it really worth your time? More importantly, are you willing to pay the very expensive price should you make a mistake and your website gets blacklisted?

DIY SEO can be overwhelming for the inexperienced business owner. If your time is important to you, you should really just hire an expert to handle your SEO campaign.

Selecting an SEO Professional

An SEO professional's qualifications should not be based on how many training courses they have gone through and their rates. They may provide the cheapest service and a lot of certifications, but can they provide the best results?

Some SEO practitioners claim that they can achieve a number one rank in search results pages for your website, promising that your website will get the highest amount of traffic when it comes to particular keywords. Do not believe them. Reaching first place is not easy, and anyone who promises to do this is just a month or less is lying. Keep in mind that search engines rank websites based on several criteria that tend to change, so SEO techniques that may have worked two years ago may not necessarily apply to a recent SEO campaign.

Things to Be Wary Of

Even the best SEO service won't produce results overnight. Be wary if the so-called ‘expert’ you are talking to does any of the following:

•    Does not establish specific metrics by which to measure progress. From the start, a real SEO professional will ask you exactly what you want to achieve. He or she will map out the goals and establish the metrics of the business. What keywords do you want to rank for? Are you aiming for more conversions? Do you want more traffic from certain search engines? If the SEO firm you are talking to does not ask you these questions, find someone else.

•    Gives you guarantees. Nothing in SEO can be guaranteed, so don't believe someone when he says otherwise.

•    Uses overly-aggressive strategies. Being overly-aggressive with SEO tactics can get your website banned, so it is best to be cautious and ensure that the SEO professional is following the rules of search engines. Overly-aggressive black hat techniques might provide immediate ranking results, but if you're caught, then your reputation can be tarnished and it will be difficult to get back in the game.
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