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So you have decided to start reselling SEO, and now you need to find the best SEO reseller program to join so you can start earning money as fast as possible. Finding an SEO company with a reseller program is as easy as a Google search, but finding the ‘best’ one is both confusing and difficult. Their promise and pitches all sound similar. So how do you know which SEO reseller system is truly the best for you? How do you know that their SEO services will deliver the results your clients expect? The factors listed below can help you distinguish mediocre SEO resellers from the best in the league:

1. Other resellers give them positive reviews.

The best SEO reseller programs are hard to keep under wraps. You will likely find comments and reviews about them in SEO forums and the like. You’ll also find testimonials from happy clients on their websites, but you can’t just take their word for it. Look for unbiased feedback in third party sources. Ask them for references as well so you can check for yourself their accomplishments. How many other resellers work with them? Some of the best SEO reseller platforms are used over 150 resellers across the globe, managing over 43,000 campaigns!

2. They offer a comprehensive SEO program.

From keyword research to link building to content strategy, they take care of everything. You don’t have to go to multiple companies to get all the SEO services you need for your clients. Seasoned SEO companies are also transparent about their optimization strategies, making sure that their methods will not put your clients’ websites at risk of getting banned or sandboxed by search engines.

3. Their technology is impressive.

The best SEO reseller companies like Blackwood Productions offer SEO automation, where advanced algorithms are used to accomplish tedious SEO tasks. Everything remains human-monitored, though, so SEO experts still oversee all automated processes and intervene whenever necessary. Link exchanges are easily changed or disabled.

As a reseller, you are given access to an easy to use turnkey platform that gives you control over your clients’ campaigns. The same platform generates ranking reports and third-party analytics to show progress. It loads properly on any device, so you can manage your campaigns even on your smartphone. Best of all, your customers never have to find out that you are outsourcing your SEO services. The dashboard is completely brandable to look like it’s yours. Your SEO partner works quietly in the background.  

4. They offer suggestions.

A good SEO partner won’t just do the same thing over and over for each of your clients. They do their research and make customized suggestions for improving the structure, optimization, and other elements that affect SEO.

5. Their prices and commissions are transparent.

Some of the best SEO reseller programs offer easy ‘per keyword’ pricing. How many keywords does your client want to rank for? They charge you exactly for those. They commission structure is also clear and uncomplicated, so you know exactly how much you are getting per client or deal you bring in. Best of all, they pay you right away. Some SEO resellers are notorious for delaying commission payouts, but this is never a problem with the best SEO reseller programs. Your PayPal account is credited the moment your client pays. No holding periods, no underhanded tricks. You get a client—you get paid.  

5. They are consistent.

To ensure top quality results, the best SEO companies have a core team of experienced professionals. None of the most important tasks are ever outsourced, so their resellers get consistently good service all the time.

Do you want to live anywhere in the world, earn money, and work your own hours? It’s time to sign up for the bets SEO reseller program out there today offered by Blackwood Productions. Start your 30-day free trial so you can test drive our system and assess if it’s the right program for you.

Best Seo Reseller Opportunities
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Best Seo Reseller Opportunities Best Seo Reseller Opportunities

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