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By now, business owners know the impact that search engine optimization and online marketing have in the health and performance of their business and how inevitable the tandem is in gaining the traffic and conversions they need. Because of this, many businesses are also willing to do whatever it takes to get affordable SEO services. Some resort to cheap SEO to save more of their budget and keep up with the difficult economic climate. However, buying ‘cheap’ services usually means buying low-quality or sometimes insufficient services that offer very little value.

A good rule of thumb is to find services that you can afford, but not necessarily ‘cheap’ services that may actually be scams and amateur operations.

In SEO and online marketing, you often get what you pay for. Cheap SEO simply cannot afford the amount of work needed for the quality that effective optimization requires. This includes building links, creating quality articles, and publishing in reputable and well frequented online resources. These things simply don't come for free or for cheap, even. If you fall into the trap of fraudulent optimization companies, you will end up losing your money, and worse, your website might be pushed far down the search results or may even be blacklisted for using black hat and unethical practices.

Can DIY SEO Save You Money?

Yes and no.

Yes because it is possible to save some money by doing some of the basic work yourself, provided that you have spare time. To start, read up on SEO. There are tons of resources and useful information that you will find online about search engine optimization, online marketing, and other strategies that can help your website perform. Increasing your knowledge on the different techniques and basic principles of SEO will not only help you understand its processes, it can potentially help you do some of the work so you don't have to outsource everything. Moreover, having enough knowledge about the inner workings of optimization will also help you find affordable SEO services that actually work.

Get membership or follow sites that offer great insights about SEO. Websites, blogs, forums, and services like SEOMoz, Blackwood Productions, and others have all kinds of tools, resources, and even Q&A forums that can help you learn more about optimization and search marketing. Some sites even offer step by step optimization guides and programs for a small membership fee.

Warning: You might also end up losing even more money by going the DIY route. If you make grave mistakes in your SEO campaign, it will cost you more to have them fixed by a specialist. This is why experts suggest that you entrust online marketing to those who know what they’re doing.

Buy Affordable SEO

There is nothing cheap about search optimization and online marketing. That said, it is possible to find affordable SEO services that won’t break the bank but still deliver the results you need. Instead of wasting good money on cheap SEO, save your budget for more substantial packages that actually work. Blackwood Productions can provide you with a comprehensive SEO package that includes quality link building, content and on-page optimization, ranking reports, Google sitemap automation, and blog services starting at $99.75 per month, with no set-up fees required. It's just a matter of finding the right services and trustworthy companies that can provide you with quality at a price range that you can afford.
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