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Steering Clear of Unethical SEO Service

SEO service has become very in demand as more and more business owners began migrating operations and marketing efforts online and realizing the power of the internet to bring in good business. This is also why many unscrupulous SEO companies have mushroomed in every nook and corner of the web, trying to take SEO money from unsuspecting website and business owners who are inexperienced in the industry.

Blackwood Productions CEO Robert Bibb warns business owners about unethical activities that some SEO providers engage into. "You have to be on guard against companies that try to sell you services that will instantly improve your rankings. SEO is a process and there are no shortcuts. Companies that promise you overnight success are most probably out to rip you off."

Take Bibb's advice and check out these tips on how to spot and steer clear of unethical SEO companies:

1.    Any company that calls to tell you they are endorsed or are affiliated with Google should raise a red flag with the word BOGUS on it. It is possible that a representative from the search giant may call your business to verify your AdWords or Google Places account, but certainly not to offer or sell you SEO services out of the blue. There are companies that may also have Google-accredited training on their belt, but know that Google doesn't offer any backhander deals to any SEO company that will rank sites they handle above others in SERPs.

2.    Be wary of companies offering guaranteed first place listings in searches. Getting number 1 spot in paid search campaigns is hard (you will need to bid more than your competitors and be backed by a highly relevant site—even this won't guarantee you first place in paid listings), and it is even harder to shoot for first place in organic search listings. This is because search engines now look into a great number of factors to determine site relevance and in turn, ranking for searches. These factors include local search signals, social signals, and other SEM elements.

3.    Companies that push PPC or AdWords campaign down your throat while trying to convince you that spending more on paid listings can get you better organic traffic are not to be trusted. Try to search 'hotels' on Google. Chances are or will appear first on the sponsored listings. Scroll down to the organic results and it's a whole new ball game. So don't believe anyone who would tell you that you can rank first on organic search by spending half your SEO money on paid ads.

4.    Keyword density and meta tags/keywords are a thing of the past. Search engine algorithms have become highly sophisticated over the past years on account of shady SEO activities that take advantage of keyword stuffing and other spammy activities that will not only send your website to the bottom of page rankings but also get you penalized and blacklisted. If your SEO specialist still raves about keyword density and meta tags, it's time to look for SEO services and companies from this decade.


Seo Service

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Affordable SEO Service

An Affordable SEO Service is NOT the Same as 'Cheap'

Its’ very clear that search marketing is important, yet some clients tend to overlook its benefits and make the mistake of settling with the cheapest service they could find. While there is no such thing a cheap SEO, it is still possible to get affordable SEO service if you plan to outsource it.

Let me be clear. Cheap is not the same as affordable. In this game, you truly get what you pay for. Look at an SEO campaign as an investment that pays for itself long run. In choosing a link builder or an SEO company for your website, make sure that you are not using your budget as the number one basis for your decision.

If you can’t afford good SEO, then it’s often better to not do any SEO at all. If money is too tight, then I suggest that you want. Do not make the mistake of signing up for an SEO service that will only do your website more harm than good. Wait until you have enough to money hire an experienced professional. In the meantime, you can do other kinds of marketing for your business, such as using social media to promote your goods and services.

Google's Panda and Penguin updates have made a lot of websites and online businesses suffer, especially those that have used black hat and spam techniques usually carried out by cheap SEO firms. Such techniques might be great at first because they produce fast and immediate results in rankings and driving traffic to the website, but they are disastrous for your website in the long run. Keep in mind that all SEO campaigns must aim to be for the long term, so the next time you think of outsourcing your SEO program, be sure to do some research. Study the company, evaluate its experience, and see for yourself if you're dealing with a real SEO expert or a Black Hat practitioner. Black Hat SEO Experts never admit to their schemes, but there are ways to tell them apart from honest and successful SEO professionals:

•    Check their prices.
•    Visit their website to confirm that it's theirs. Check the website ranking, too.
•    Learn more about them by reading the 'About' section.
•    Thoroughly research them by exploring their social media pages.
•    Check for Google Adwords certification.
•    Ask a lot of questions and chat with them through Skype.

These tips can also be used when you are researching for a good and affordable SEO service. Alternatively, you can sign up for the service of one of the first ten results that will appear on Google's search results. Chances are, they are the most credible SEO service providers that are being trusted and used by many other businesses like yours. Better still, trust only Blackwood Productions, one of the most credible SEO service providers with reasonably priced services. Remember: SEO is among the wisest and best investments for your business, so choose wisely and don't settle for cheap services.

Find Affordable SEO Service

affordable SEO serviceSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way of increasing traffic to your web site through search results on search engines. This is a marketing tool that focuses on increasing the visibility of your web site with search results, by maximizing the number of visitors on a certain web site which allows it to appear high on the list within a search list, such as through the most commonly ...

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Choosing an SEO Services Company: Ignore the ‘Top’ Lists

You finally gave up DIY-ing website optimization and gave in to the idea of hiring an SEO services company to pull you up from the bottom of search listings. But guess what? Hundreds (if not thousands) of competitors are vying for your business, and they probably hired an SEO company, too. If you want to beat them, you need to hire a reliable search optimization firm that can truly deliver. There are so many so-called ‘legit’ firms out there, but not all of them can truly improve your rank. This is why you should be careful researching and weighing your options.

Whatever you do, do not believe ‘top SEO’ lists and surveys. Notice how they never seem to agree on what companies really deserve to be in the top 10? As it turns out, they may not be as reliable and as ‘official’ as they may seem. These ‘top 10’ lists are good sources of names and candidates for your search, but you should take their suggestions with a grain of salt.

Try looking at and comparing different top SEO services company lists on your own and you will rarely find the same companies on the top spots, much less any one repeated instance of a company's name. Here’s the truth: Many top listings are limited not only in the scope of the list-maker's community, but in terms of criteria and qualifiers. They also often require paid inclusion, which makes them less than reliable resources.

Some lists are merely sponsored lists that other websites such as finance news websites, marketing firms, and similar sites collate with no real basis. These kinds of lists are often no more than avenues for self promotion. In fact, most of the time, are nothing but ‘you-link-to-me, I-link-to-you’ relationships.

Don't put too much value on the glitzy ‘Top 10 SEOs’ badge sponsored by that you see in SEO websites. Instead, look for more qualitative signals that can help you make an informed decision whether or not to trust your prospective SEO services company. Here are some to get you started:

1.    Good case studies (and testimonials) from previous clients along with contacts from like websites who are in the same niche or industry. These things will help ensure that the company can take on your work.

2.    Sparkling reputation (based on previous and current clients). You may also check on the status of their repute in the online community. These will give you an idea of the quality and reliability of the work they do.

3.    Realistic offers. Be wary of outrageous guarantees and too-good-to-be true offerings. If a company promises you overnight success, do not hire it.

4.    Site rankings and standings. Their own rankings, backlink count, community engagement, and domain authority are all indicative of their worth as an SEO company.

5.    Up-to-date methodologies. Do they address the new trends post-Panda? Can they also do social media optimization?

6.    Industry visibility and authority. Google the name of their founders and see if they are respected in the SEO community.

Organic Seo Services

Understanding Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO can be compared to organic food—it is all natural, free of artificial and synthetic enhancers, and most importantly, sustainable. This is also the main reason why you get healthier traffic from organic searches than most other types of online marketing methods. Organic search results are non-sponsored natural results that search engines provide as you search for certain key terms. It differs from sponsored or paid results in that it does not have any monetary influence (no bidding for top spots, just all-natural search optimization). Organic SEO services are natural methods and strategies that help websites rank well in SERPs without monetary involvement and artificial manipulation of results (black hat techniques). Search engines are more vigilant than ever in guarding their search results against these kinds of manipulative activities, which is why they constantly change their algorithms, criteria, and standards for determining website relevance and page rankings. Here are fundamental elements and practices you should learn or ask your SEO specialist about for successful organic SEO:

1.    Keywords. SEO live and breathe keywords. If you want to dominate your niche, determine the most desired and most searched key terms that your target audience use and develop your content and strategies around them. Online tools like keyword generators and keyword planners can help you determine what kind of search terms people use and which keywords relating to your industry get the most traffic.

2.    Keyword variety. Determining your major keywords is important, but repeating them too many times in one copy can be counterproductive as you risk keyword stuffing and deterioration of content quality. One work-around is splitting your keywords up and learning about proper keyword density.

3.    Content. Mastering the technical aspects of SEO is useless without high-quality, compelling, and informative content that will not only attract the interest of visitors but also encourage them to share and link back to it.

4.    Page title. If content is the most important on-page SEO element, your page title comes second. It is what search engines display in organic search results and what goes on the top frame of browser tabs. Keep your page titles no more than 70 characters so they can remain readable when listed in results pages and don't forget to include important keywords (preferably at the start of your titles).

5.    Cornerstone page. If your site has 10 pages that relate to the same keywords or key phrases, it is best to merge the content into one, authoritative, and highly relevant cornerstone page to avoid confusing search engine bots, which will in turn rank your page higher.

6.    Anchor text. The anchor text refers to the words and characters displayed by hyperlinks when linking to a page. Your anchor text will be more relevant if you use a descriptive copy that contains main keywords for the page. Organic SEO services and providers can help you understand these technical elements better.

7.    URL names. Keep your URL names short, relevant, and sweet. Make sure it stays true to what your site offers, and keep slashes and hyphens to a minimum. It is also wise to include keywords close to the domain name, as this attracts better search signals.

8.    Meta descriptions. In SERPs, your meta descriptions can be found right after your page title, which means they are the second thing that searchers see when skimming results. This is why it is important to optimize them so that they represent your page content and convince searchers that your site is worth visiting.

9.    ALT tags. These are HTML elements that specify alternative text to display when certain design elements like images cannot be rendered. Google and search bots that cannot read images also rely on ALT tags to detect content (and keywords).

10.    Lead Tracking. An effective  SEO program involves proper monitoring and assessment of your leads, which allows you to measure your progress and adjust strategies according to your weaknesses. There is an abundance of analytics and tracking tools that you can use for free or for a minimal charge online.

11.    No to black hat. Tricking engines into thinking that your website matters by using unethical tactics like keyword stuffing, link-buying, and other dirty tricks may work for a moment, but can easily backfire down the line as search engines adjust their algorithms, Not only are results short lived, you may also end up blacklisted and removed from search indexes altogether.

12.    Link building. Instead of engaging in unethical activities like link-buying, build real linking relationships with relevant sites, which can help you create new external links back to your site. The number and quality of links are also among the most important factors that search engines look into when determining site relevance and ranking.

13.    Social signals. Search results are now affected by social signals, which is why it is important to be involved in social media activities that will not only raise search signals from your social pages, but also help you improve audience engagement at the same time.

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Seo Service Company

Questions to Ask Your SEO Service Company

If you are struggling with trying to implement a search engine marketing plan on your own, perhaps it’s time to hire an SEO service company can provide practical solutions to bump up those search ratings and make your business more visible to your target audiences. Outsourcing SEO services is an investment; as such, you should be careful where you put your money. Prudence is necessary especially nowadays when so many fraudulent and dodgy companies are floating around promising great things for your website, only to disappoint you with short term tactics. What you need is a search optimization firm that can provide you with long term results. You need companies that can provide services that circumvent the ever-rising incidence of pay-per-click fraud. You need an affordable SEO  program tailored for your specific needs.

If like many business owners you are bombarded with emails and cold calls from SEO companies all promising the same things, it’s time that you take charge. The next time you get that call, don’t be afraid to interact. The best way to go about choosing a firm to handle your SEO work is by asking the right questions and reviewing their responses. Your candidates should be able to answer basic questions such as:

1.    What kind of services do you offer and how can these services help fulfill my online goals?

2.    What kind of expertise do your professionals have and which aspect of SEO can you manage?

3.    What kinds of businesses have you worked with in the past and how successful were you in helping improve their ratings?

4.    Who will be accountable for keeping and updating the site?

5.    What guarantee can you offer to ensure the success of the campaign and what happens if results don't meet the goals?

The following guidelines can also help you raise your standards and ultimately assist you in choosing the right SEO service company:

•    Ask for examples of articles and copies they have written and produced for their clients. This will help you gauge the quality of their work and assess the level of optimization they can do for your site.

•    Ask about directory inclusion (if they insist on giving your site an X number of directory submissions) and verify the kinds of directories they submit to and the level of quality control they employ.

•    Ask for examples of landing pages that they have created.

•    Ask about their pricing and how they explain their low rates while promising a massive amount of work for your site.

Remember: E-commerce has changed the business landscape forever. Websites nowadays are no longer just for show—they have become the platforms where real business takes place. They have become important and powerful marketing tools. To succeed, you need to partner up with a good SEO company.  You don't want to waste your time and money on firms that use obsolete methods of optimization. Choose a company with a great track record, even if they charge a bit more. The cheapest SEO is often not the best. In this game, you get what you pay for.

Seo Services Pricing

Trends in SEO Services Pricing

With thousands of websites all fighting for their slice of market share, aggressive marketing and solid optimization have become a requisite for any business desiring to make it big online. Search optimization and marketing is hard work; many business owners have tried and failed to do things on their own, neglecting the importance of having an expert team backing up their campaign because they fear that SEO services pricing may be too high for their budgets.

"Many businesses think of SEO services as an unnecessary expense, not realizing that the longer they put off professional SEO work, the farther down they rank," points out Robert Bibb, CEO of the leading SEO and online marketing agency Blackwood Productions.

"It's only after their ratings have gotten way down that they hit the panic button and call for expert help. By that time, SEO work becomes more challenging, more tedious, and certainly more expensive," he adds.  

Hiring an SEO firm may cost you a lot, but it doesn't have to eat away your entire budget. In fact, many companies offer very reasonable SEO services pricing while tailoring services and strategies that your website needs. Blackwood Productions for example provides you with budget-friendly packages that target the exact marketing and optimization needs of your website.

The following are common pricing trends that you can look into to better understand SEO pricing. These data were derived from a recent survey conducted by SEOmoz, participated by over 600 respondents (SEO firms/consultants) across the globe:

•    Hourly costs for SEO services vary across countries. More than 50% of the survey respondents (from countries with more than 10 participants) say that they charge $76-$200/hr for their services. This is a fair estimate albeit a wide range, for those who want to know what the typical cost of hourly SEO service is.

•    ‘By-the-project’ pricing is also the most common system. A majority of the respondents charge between $1,000 and $7,500 for their services. This is a gain a wide range, but still acceptable considering the diversity of projects (in terms of type and size) that SEO firms accept.

•    Hands-on SEO is not dead. Despite what you will often see in message boards and forums, the survey revealed that 88.5% of the participants still offer and do hands-on SEO work, including 79.1% who still offer hands-on link building.

•    Web design and development go hand-in-hand. In fact, the third most common type of participant in the survey were web design and development agencies that offer SEO services, proving that that web design, development, and optimization cannot be separated.

•    Pure SEO agencies are dwindling in number. Most agencies nowadays offer a broad range of services apart from SEO. This includes social marketing, conversion, content, analytics, etc. Survey data revealed that 26.7% of respondents offer more diverse services, 1.7% more than the 25% who only offer pure SEO.

•    A majority of respondents serve small to medium-sized businesses. About 41% of participants offer consultancy and SEO services to hyperlocal and small businesses. This significantly affects SEO services pricing trends.

Website Seo Services

Do You Need to Buy Website SEO Services?

This is a question many SEO firms get a lot. Small businesses and website owners struggle to bring in traffic to their pages despite having a well designed website with a lot of relevant things to say. Failing to market your website well online is as good as leaving the closed sign un-flipped on a shop door—no one will ever know you exist and customers simply won't come. This is why search engine optimization is such a necessity for websites. However, website SEO services, especially high quality, comprehensive programs from well established SEO companies do come with a price. Typically, you will have to spend anywhere between a few thousand dollars and over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the type of service you might need. Small businesses and startups usually don't have this kind of budget to spare, which is why the need for buying SEO services is still a hot topic among website owners. Luckily, there are a lot of cost effective ways that can get you started on search engine optimization and help you decide whether or not you really need to outsource for it. Your first stop—Google.

SEO is all about making search engines recognize your worth in your chosen niche. This is why you first must see how your website and your pages look like in the eyes major search sites like Google. Many free tools as well as programs that can be used for a minimal fee are available online. Google Webmaster Tools is a great place to start. There you can submit your own pages for indexing as well as analyze your entire website and identify the most effective search terms or keywords that direct visitor traffic to your landing page. Creating a sitemap is also one way of making sure that Google's spiders are directed to all the significant pages and corners of your website whenever they drop by to crawl your site. Remember that these crawlers or spiders have a text-bias, meaning they can only read text and not image files, JavaScript and certain Flash files. Image-heavy sites and those that make use of JavaScript and Flash presentations on their pages are therefore NOT search-engine friendly. If your site simply can't do without Flash and JavaScript, adding more text content will help you get indexed by search engines better.

If you still can't see results after weeks or months of hard work, or if you see yourself almost giving up because of all the technicalities of SEO work right from the beginning, then it's time to consider hiring a company that provides website SEO services. You will save more time and money by turning to the experts. Just make sure you do careful research before putting your budget on an agency. Request the company for its references and actually call their clients if you have time. Seek recommendations from businesses similar to yours, especially those that have their fair share of stories to tell about their success in working with SEO companies.
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