Seo Resellers

SEO Resellers

So you want to extend your service offerings to include search engine optimization but are hindered by costs. You are not alone; in fact, many agencies choose to become SEO resellers instead of doing actual SEO work themselves. They know that forming and maintaining an in-house SEO team can drain their time and resources, so they choose the reselling route.   

White label SEO companies offer a cost-effective solution. You essentially outsource your search engine optimization services to them and simply get a commission for every client you bring in. In addition to allowing you to offer professional-grade SEO services to your clients, the while label system also allows you to brand everything with your logo. It’s a win-win scenario—your clients get expert-quality quality SEO services under your brand while you get to focus on your core business.  

But with so many choices out there, how do you know which SEO reseller program to sign up for? Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing an SEO reseller package:

1. What SEO strategies do they use?

Stay away from SEO companies using sketchy methods frowned upon by Google. They might cause your clients’ websites to be sandboxed. You want to work with an SEO partner that complies with best practices. Their website should clearly explain what strategies they use to boost the rankings of their campaigns.  

2. What do other SEO resellers say about them?

Look for feedback about the SEO provider. How many other SEO resellers use their system? Are they happy? Reviews can reveal a lot about how reliable a provider is. The praises and criticisms thrown at them are excellent sources of invaluable insight about the effectiveness of their optimization strategies, how quickly they pay their SEO resellers, the quality of their customer care, etc.

3. How much do they pay in commissions?

You deserve to be paid fairly for your efforts. So before you sign up for an SEO reseller program, make sure that the commission is worth your time. Rates and arrangements vary widely and are often negotiable. Some providers give their SEO resellers as much as 25% or even 50% commission. Some SEO companies simply have a flat rate for all their services; you can sell those services for much more to your clients and pocket the difference. Don’t hesitate to talk to a prospective SEO partner and negotiate terms.

4. Do they work in the US or outsource to another country?

To cut costs and keep their services affordable, most SEO companies these days outsource all or some parts of their business to offshore providers. There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, it’s the norm. But if you’re the type of SEO reseller that feels more comfortable working with an all-American firm, walk away. Find an SEO partner that does everything locally.

5. Will they lock you into a long-term contract?

Most SEO providers insist that you stay with them, making it very hard to leave even when you and your clients are unhappy with the results. Stay away from such companies. You need full flexibility if you want to succeed as an SEO reseller. The best SEO providers won’t loop you into complicated agreements.

The right SEO reseller solutions generate the best returns on investment for both you and your clients. Partnering up with a reliable SEO company will not only allow your company to instantly scale—it will also enable you to deliver consistent and powerful search-based results to keep your clients happy and loyal. It’s easy to see why many digital marketers, web designers, and social media promoters from all over the globe have chosen to become SEO resellers instead of doing the actual optimization work for their clients. Successful SEO resellers make a lot of money without doing much work!

Ready to join the thousands of SEO resellers that are profiting from the explosion of the digital marketing industry? Try the white label SEO reseller program of Blackwood Productions today. Call 877.823.1543 or go to this page to learn more.

Seo Resellers

5 Ways SEO Resellers Can Help You Improve Your Business

seo resellersThe twenty-first century has witnessed a tremendous development in the digital marketing industry. With the proliferation of many social media channels, many SEO resellers are taking advantage of the digital hemisphere with the intention of promoting business organizations. The purpose is to fast track the market cycle with advertisement being the driving force. Because other methods of advertising are losing relevance, many have started to embrace digital marketing. This is ...

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Working With SEO Resellers

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Best Seo Reseller Opportunities

So you have decided to start reselling SEO, and now you need to find the best SEO reseller program to join so you can start earning money as fast as possible. Finding an SEO company with a reseller program is as easy as a Google search, but finding the ‘best’ one is both confusing and difficult. Their promise and pitches all sound similar. So how do you know which SEO reseller system is truly the best for you? How do you know that their SEO services will deliver the results your clients expect? The factors listed below can help you distinguish mediocre SEO resellers from the best in the league:

1. Other resellers give them positive reviews.

The best SEO reseller programs are hard to keep under wraps. You will likely find comments and reviews about them in SEO forums and the like. You’ll also find testimonials from happy clients on their websites, but you can’t just take their word for it. Look for unbiased feedback in third party sources. Ask them for references as well so you can check for yourself their accomplishments. How many other resellers work with them? Some of the best SEO reseller platforms are used over 150 resellers across the globe, managing over 43,000 campaigns!

2. They offer a comprehensive SEO program.

From keyword research to link building to content strategy, they take care of everything. You don’t have to go to multiple companies to get all the SEO services you need for your clients. Seasoned SEO companies are also transparent about their optimization strategies, making sure that their methods will not put your clients’ websites at risk of getting banned or sandboxed by search engines.

3. Their technology is impressive.

The best SEO reseller companies like Blackwood Productions offer SEO automation, where advanced algorithms are used to accomplish tedious SEO tasks. Everything remains human-monitored, though, so SEO experts still oversee all automated processes and intervene whenever necessary. Link exchanges are easily changed or disabled.

As a reseller, you are given access to an easy to use turnkey platform that gives you control over your clients’ campaigns. The same platform generates ranking reports and third-party analytics to show progress. It loads properly on any device, so you can manage your campaigns even on your smartphone. Best of all, your customers never have to find out that you are outsourcing your SEO services. The dashboard is completely brandable to look like it’s yours. Your SEO partner works quietly in the background.  

4. They offer suggestions.

A good SEO partner won’t just do the same thing over and over for each of your clients. They do their research and make customized suggestions for improving the structure, optimization, and other elements that affect SEO.

5. Their prices and commissions are transparent.

Some of the best SEO reseller programs offer easy ‘per keyword’ pricing. How many keywords does your client want to rank for? They charge you exactly for those. They commission structure is also clear and uncomplicated, so you know exactly how much you are getting per client or deal you bring in. Best of all, they pay you right away. Some SEO resellers are notorious for delaying commission payouts, but this is never a problem with the best SEO reseller programs. Your PayPal account is credited the moment your client pays. No holding periods, no underhanded tricks. You get a client—you get paid.  

5. They are consistent.

To ensure top quality results, the best SEO companies have a core team of experienced professionals. None of the most important tasks are ever outsourced, so their resellers get consistently good service all the time.

Do you want to live anywhere in the world, earn money, and work your own hours? It’s time to sign up for the bets SEO reseller program out there today offered by Blackwood Productions. Start your 30-day free trial so you can test drive our system and assess if it’s the right program for you.

Best SEO Reseller Opportunities: Why Outsourcing Your SEO Services Makes So Much Sense

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Seo Reseller Packages

What to Look for in SEO Reseller Packages

Now that you have decided to become an SEO reseller, it’s time to choose from among the many packages available. You must have a lot of questions. What features should you look for? What is the acceptable commission rate? What does it mean to be an SEO broker (instead of just a reseller)? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right SEO reseller package that fits your goals:

1. Look for a turnkey solution.

Reselling SEO can be much easier when you choose a complete turnkey solution where the provider does everything—from coding to content writing to SEO analysis and execution. All you have to do is sell the service and add your clients via their easy-to-use dashboard.
A good SEO partner will also train you on how to use their reseller tools and give you advice on the best sales strategies on selling their service.

2. Look for high commissions and instant payout.

If your goal is to make serious money from reselling SEO packages—enough money to leave your full-time job eventually—then you want to partner up with a company that is known for high payout percentages. Some of the best SEO reseller packages pay anywhere from 25% to 50%. This rate lets you grow your revenues dramatically with every client you add.

Another important thing to look at is how quickly you get your commission. You don’t want to wait 30 days or more. This is why you should look for SEO reseller packages that pay instantly at the time of the sale. Your money should be credited to your PayPal account right away. Don’t forget to ask about discounts, especially if you intend to be a power seller.

3. Go for a robust white label dashboard.

You should be able to brand the SEO provider’s dashboard with your own logo so that when your clients log in, they think they are working with your company. The best dashboards are easy to use despite having advanced features. It should let you and/or your clients do the following:  

•    manage and modify targeted keywords as well as any content associated with them.
•    disable links you don’t want to be associated with
•    access analytics and reporting date to monitor the progress of your campaign and rankings

The dashboard needs to be easily brandable so that you can start selling the service under your own brand the day you sign up.

4. Ask for a free trial.

The best SEO reseller programs are so confident in the quality of their service that they let you offer free 30-day trials to your potential clients. No credit card required—absolutely zero commitment. Simply add an interested prospect in the system and 30 days later—when they are impressed with the results—they pay (and you get your commission). This 30-day free trial is an excellent way to reel in more new customers.

5. Stay away from long term contracts.

Let’s face it—the SEO industry is filled with shady providers who insist on long term contracts, expensive monthly fees, and (extremely) slow results. You and your clients will find it very difficult to get out their iron-clad agreements even if the service is sloppy or the results are disappointing.

This is why it’s best to choose SEO reseller packages with no longstanding contracts. The best packages are renewed on a month-to-month basis. If your client wants to quit, they can—and they don’t have to pay any termination fees. And if you want to quit as a reseller, you should be able to do that without any problems, either.

Lastly, you want to an SEO reseller package that is used by hundreds of successful resellers. That’s a good sign that the product works. For instance, the SEO reselling platform developed by Blackwood Productions is now used by over 150 resellers not just in the US, but across the globe. The company manages over 40,000+ campaigns and is growing every day. Know more about its SEO reseller packages here.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Reseller Packages

seo reseller packagesWhen it comes to the concept of SEO reseller packages, there are a number of questions that must be asked in order to receive the best possible service. There are a number of agencies who find themselves in a position that is less than advantageous and when you offer SEO services to clients without taking the time to learn everything there is to know, SEO reseller packages offer a ...

Why You Should Bet On Our SEO Reseller Packages

seo reseller packagesOur SEO reseller packages are the perfect options for companies that want to partially or completely outsource their web positioning services without forgoing to obtain optimal results. We will treat your clients as if they were ours and we will be in constant contact with our SEO resellers to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied, both with the work done and with the results obtained.With those who join ...

Seo Reseller Website

Comparing SEO Reseller Websites

Have you decided to become an SEO reseller? Congratulations—you are about to enter into an extremely lucrative and underserved market.

There is serious money to be made in SEO especially on the local level. Just look around your neighborhood and you will probably spot more than a handful of small businesses that want to sell online but don’t have six-figure budgets to invest into optimization and digital marketing. Becoming an SEO reseller who specialness in serving local clients is a fantastic way to build a scalable business while helping your community.

But before you even start looking for clients, you first have to find an SEO partner that offers white label SEO reseller services. There are so many choices out there—and they are all starting to sound the same. How do you compare SEO reseller websites and ultimately find the right fit? It’s all about fulfilment.

The success of an SEO reseller business depends on consistency and measurable results.
In your initial comparison of SEO reseller websites, look for:

1. A company you can trust

The best SEO reseller websites are run by companies that have been successfully navigating the rough waters of organic optimization for many years—ideally more than a decade. If they are still around after Google has annihilated the weakest SEOs, then they must be doing something right. Longevity is almost unheard of in the SEO industry. So if you find a company that has a long history of success—like Blackwood Productions, which has been around since 2004—then go ahead and apply to become their reseller.

2. A partner that provides full customer support

Here’s the reality: As an SEO reseller, you get all the credit without all the hard work—and that’s all great as long as rankings are high. But if anything goes wrong, your clients will blame YOU. This is why you want to work with an SEO partner that will not leave you holding the bag should there be a problem. How will they handle errors? Will they provide you with assistance in explaining the situation to your client? How quickly can they rectify issues? The best SEO reseller websites allow you to talk to a customer care representative right away.

3. An SEO company that can commit to a decent timeline

SEO is a fussy science and even experts cannot promise a #1 ranking in just 24 hours. But while organic optimization takes time, there should already be visible ranking improvements within a few weeks. The best SEO reseller websites will explain exactly what strategies they use to boost rankings and how long it takes for movements to become apparent. They also provide live reports so you can see the average time it takes for certain campaigns to reach optimum positioning.   

4. A partner that delivers real results

When it comes down to it, your SEO clients are paying you to put their website ahead of their competition. They don’t want to feel as though they are feeding a bottomless pit with no return on their investment. They want to see measurable results.

This is why the best SEO reseller websites such as Blackwood Productions provides comprehensive analytics on their dashboard. Any time you or your clients log in, you will be presented with the latest data on current rankings, incoming and outbound links, and many other custom ranking reports. The analytics information can also provide historical views of keyword placements to demonstrate how much they have increased since the start of the campaign. Estimated traffic on those target keywords are likewise shown alongside the estimated value of that traffic.

Blackwood Productions is often described as one of the top reseller websites today—and it’s easy to see why. We provide the expertise, customer support, and tools you need to sell our world-class SEO services and keep your clients happy. Combine these with our high commission payouts and no-fuss monthly contracts and you’ll realize why we are a leading reseller website with over 40,000 campaigns. Interested in working together? Call us at 877.823.1543.

Getting Started With A SEO Reseller Website Hosting

seo reseller websiteIf you are looking to get a fair share of leads and customers, you should consider setting up and selling search engine optimization services to clients. Even if you do not possess the skills or manpower to do so, you can still become successful. All you need is a fully-managed SEO reseller website through which you can sell search engine optimization services.Just so you know, you will not have ...

What You Need To Know Before You Set Up That SEO Reseller Website

seo reseller websiteThe importance of search engine optimization and how it affects a business success cannot be overemphasized particularly for those working in the area of website development or online marketing. But as you already know, it takes a significant amount of time and expertise to effectively build an SEO program. However, this shouldn’t be a problem when you understand the processes involved.There are quite a good number of factors and ...

Seo Resellers Program

Why Sign Up for an SEO Resellers Program?

The SEO industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. In fact, this niche is now valued at $65 billion, and it shows no signs of slowing down. So ask yourself: Why aren’t you offering SEO to your clients yet? If you wait too long, you might miss out completely.

All you need to do to start is sign up for an SEO resellers program and start to earn more revenue without paying the costs of in-house production. By partnering up with a reliable SEO firm, you can:

•    Deliver top quality optimization services and timely, quantifiable results to your clients
•    Expand your product offering and fill service gaps that may cause your existing clients to leave you and work with another company
•    Generate new sources of revenue by (1) reselling SEO services or by (2) referring clients directly to your SEO partner
•    Grow your company without growing your overhead costs

What SEO Services Can You Resell?

You can choose to sell complete SEO packages or individual services, depending on the SEO resellers program you sign up for. Below are just some examples of the many reselling opportunities available:

Competitor analysis – Help your clients understand their online position against their competitors. This information can be a useful guide in developing strategies and tactics to make them #1.

SEO audit and recommendations – Your SEO partner can look into all technical issues, do a thorough content review, and assess your client’s on-page optimization on your behalf.

Link building – From conducting a backlink analysis to giving your clients high quality links that provide value, your SEO partner can do everything. You will also be given access to the dashboard so you can remove links that don’t pass your standards.  

Keyword research – Your clients need to target the right target keywords and phrases in order to reel in top-quality, highly motivated leads from organic search. Trust your SEO partner to deliver comprehensive keyword analysis and identify new opportunities. This lays the groundwork for effective content development and optimization.

Content development – By leveraging keyword research and competitor analysis, your SEO partner can outline a strategy for improving and/or adding content to your client’s website. They can deliver keyword-rich content to obtain optimum rankings for targeted keyword phrases as well as create deeper engagement. This may include blog content, search-optimized content, product descriptions (for ecommerce websites), website content, as well as visual content (like infographics).

Reporting and analytics – A good SEO partner can give you and your client access to a white-labelled web analytics portal. Here you can track progress and make changes as necessary. Each if your clients will be provided a private reporting environment that is available 24/7. From keyword rankings to backlink portfolio tracking to website performance, the dashboard shows all important data.

Choosing an SEO Partner

The best SEO partners can create custom packages based on the needs of your client. They can also provide you with training so you and your team can understand their system and effectively close sales. They will be with you through each step, ready to answer questions and provide support.

Why don’t you join the SEO resellers program of Blackwood Productions today? We won’t loop you into long-term contracts. In fact, we can grant you a free 30-day trial so you can check out our SEO technology and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Blackwood Productions is now one of the biggest SEO firms in the country, managing over 40,000 campaigns and counting. We serve SEO companies, web design agencies, advertising companies, and hosting companies who choose to offer our reliable and effective SEO services to their clients
Why don’t you take this opportunity to profit from our incredible optimization technology? You can trust that we’ll deliver the quality and reliability your clients expect. Join our SEO resellers program so you can see for yourself. We also pay for direct referrals!

Why You Should Consider Using SEO Resellers Program

seo resellers programMany agencies would agree to offer SEO services so as not to lose their clients and the extra cash they bring. Even when they don’t possess adequate SEO expertise, they’ll still find a way to do this. Thanks to SEO resellers program, many businesses are now focusing on their core competency and are not wasting time learning SEO.No business wants to risk losing their client or even send them ...

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A SEO Resellers Program

seo resellers programGetting the most out of a SEO resellers program may not seem like a goal that is within our reach. These types of programs are designed to offer us the chance to access a new level of knowledge while also lightening our load on a daily basis. An SEO resellers program is full of experts that have an endless amount of insight to provide.But how do we get the ...

Seo Reseller Service

SEO Reseller Service: The Benefits of Offering SEO for Your Digital Business

Does your digital agency specialize in just one service? Do you only so web design, or just social media marketing and nothing else? You might be falling into a tunnel-vision, fixating on your services while forgetting what your clients fundamentally need from you: a comprehensive solution that establishes and maintains their online presence. And your clients may be realizing that this need can’t be fulfilled by your one-trick agency. Perhaps it’s time to offer SEO, too. But what if you don’t have the manpower and the skills to provide search engine optimization? Don’t worry—signing up for an SEO reseller service can get you started.

Give Your Clients Real Solutions

A study conducted by Adobe reveals that 70% of client-side marketers are looking for one-stop-shop agencies that can all the digital services they need—from PPC to SEO to social media. Rather than individual services, today’s clients require holistic and comprehensive solutions that are tailored to their goals and challenges. You need to redefine your agency from a mere ‘service provider’ to a ‘solution provider.’

Why don’t you start offering SEO? Your clients need it, anyway—and they will go somewhere else if you don’t provide it. Transitioning from a one-service specialist to a digital solutions provider is easier than ever because of SEO reseller services. You no longer need to hire and maintain your own SEO team because you can simply resell the services and packages of a reliable SEO company. When you sign up for a white-label SEO reseller service, you can sell SEO solutions under your brand. Your clients never have to know that someone else is doing all the work.

Got More Clients

Offering SEO as an added service can future-proof your agency. It will make you more attractive to prospective clients who demand a full-service firm. It can also help you keep your current clients. Rather than having to find and coordinate with several firms for their carious online marketing needs—and risk losing the consistency of their brand and message in the process—they can save time and effort by hiring you instead.

More Revenue Sources

Becoming an SEO reseller puts you in a prime position to expand your revenue streams. If you are a web designer specializing in creating websites for local business, for example, why don’t you tell your client about how SEO and PPC campaign with a local search focus can drive traffic to their store? You can even bundle your core service together with SEO to create a package that addresses the needs of your target market segments.

When you have more income streams, you keep your company stable. If you focused only on web design, you will need to spend more effort and resources looking for new clients every time you finish up a project. If you lose a couple of clients all at once, you might even find it hard to stay afloat. Being an SEO reseller allows you stabilize your business. It gives you a more predictable income stream because SEO is paid for monthly on an ongoing basis.

Build Your Brand

Here’s a fact: If your agency continues to focus on just one core service, you are not a real agency—you are just a vendor. You run the risk of having clients commodify your services instead of seeing you as a strategic partner. Sell them a more comprehensive solution if you want them to value your brand.

Start with an SEO Reseller Service Today

Offering SEO alongside your core services will make it easier for you to gain new clients and keep your current ones. It’s time to diversify the services you offer to include SEO if you want present and prospective clients to regard you as a crucial partner for many years to come.

Blackwood Productions has developed various turnkey SEO services for agencies like yours. Call us at (877) 823-1543 to learn more about our white label SEO reseller program.

Why You Need SEO Reseller Services

seo reseller serviceSEO actually stands for search engine optimization. It is simply the process of optimizing webpages or websites for search engine for higher ranking. Providers of SEO reseller services take SEO job and subcontract it to those that will render the services.Why would people pay for SEO reseller services? The answer is that people will pay for SEO because it is highly beneficial to all kinds of business.So, the next ...

Why You Should Consider An SEO Reseller Service For Your Online Business

seo reseller serviceWhen it comes to performing search engine optimizations, it is usually recommended to leave such tasks to the experts particularly if you are looking to achieve meaningful results without experiencing tension. Whether you are looking to start an internet marketing company as a marketer or you simply want to outsource your SEO work, it is good to know that you can effectively increase online exposure and grow your rankings ...

Seo Reseller Business

How to Succeed in the SEO Reseller Business

If you are a good salesman, your chances of succeeding in the SEO reseller business are extremely high. SEO is really no different from selling other products; in order to get clients to sign up, you have to wrap your head around their needs and offer them a solution. What are their pain points when it comes to online marketing? Identify those and speak toward that. And if your prospect doesn’t have a clue what SEO is, you need to cut through the techno jargon, make your SEO product relatable, and close that deal. Here are some tips on doing exactly this.

Tip #1: Listen Very Well (Before You Speak)

Clients are more likely to respond to your sales pitch if they feel like you are truly interested in helping them solve their problems (instead of just giving them a generic SEO package that you also gave everyone else). In order to do this, you must listen more than you speak. Get your prospect to share with you the information that will help you understand their needs. Ask them:

•    What is their core business? In other words, how do they make money?
•    Are they currently selling or marketing online? If yes, who is strategizing and running the program?
•    How do they measure the success of their marketing efforts? Do they track costs per lead or costs per sale?
•    If they have a website, when did they last redesign it?
•    What are their current conversion rates? Are they happy with it?
•    Have they ever worked with an SEO firm before? If yes, what did they do? What caused them to quit that firm?

Tip #2: Develop a Thorough Understanding of How Their Business Works

When we first met one of our clients, we found out that they spent millions per year on marketing—but not one dollar on SEO, even though they identify organic search as one of their most important lead generating sources. They were interested in a search engine optimization program because a significant and somewhat sudden downtrend in their organic traffic. Upon talking to them even further, we found out that they lost traffic partly due to a recent redesign. The new website was not responsive and no thought was put into optimizing its elements.

We looked at their analytics closely and started explaining that we have the tools to get their traffic back. We asked them what value they put on new leads—and they said $90. With this information, we were able to project what the output of a solid SEO strategy can be, and presented the math. The conversation went something like this:

“We believe that we can get back about 5,000 visitors per month once the SEO recovery plan is implemented. We also see some potential for ranking in highly searched, relevant terms that you are currently not targeting—and that this could bring in another 2,000 visitors. We are confident that we can achieve 7,000 quality visits in total, per month. And because the conversion rate for qualified leads is 3%, you can expect the following:

7,000 x 3% conversion rate = 210 leads
210 x $90 CPA goal = $18,900 per month in value.”

Tip #3: Use Words They Understand

As you can see from the conversation, we spoke in terms the client understood: money in, money out. The best way to explain the benefits of SEO to a prospect is to speak in terms of ROI. Most clients (those without tech backgrounds) do not understand 404s or robots.txt or any of that techno babble. What they want to see is how SEO will impact their bottom line. You can also show them search volume and their current ranking so they know where they stand.

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

SEO is not for everyone. Don’t force a prospect who isn’t ready. And if in your research you find that SEO won’t help them, walk away. Be professional enough to say that SEO is not the best area to spend their money and resources. But for most other businesses, SEO is certainly a gold mine of opportunity. Go find those businesses and sell SEO to them.

Ready to start an SEO Reseller Business? Call Blackwood Productions at (877) 823-1543. We can set up a free 30-day trial for you, right away.

4 Essential Tips To Starting A Successful SEO Reseller Business

seo reseller businessStarting your own SEO reseller business is almost like setting up any other business. It is assumed you have a passion for the business and you know a thing or two about the business.Fact is, if you fall for all ads you see online about how easy it is to succeed in this business, you would most likely fail.First of all, you need to have a decent grounding on ...

SEO Reseller Business: Best SEO Reselling Strategies

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Seo Reseller Programs

There are so many SEO reseller programs these days—and the choices can be overwhelming. How do you select a program that can truly help you build a solid and viable SEO business? Here are some tips.

1.    Choose an SEO veteran. Search engine optimization has drastically changed over the years. Google’s tempestuous algorithms has wiped out thousands of websites—and with them, the weaker SEO companies. Choose a veteran provider of SEO reseller programs that has weathered the storms and continues to thrive. You can be sure that they know what they are doing.  

2.    The best SEO companies don’t stop working just because top positioning has been achieved. Real SEO is ongoing; it means implementing organic defense tactics that help our clients retain their positions so that they can continue reaping the benefits of an optimized website for the long haul.

3.    The SEO reseller program should give you tools that allow you to see measurable performance indicators. Regular reporting and analytics should be standard. Everything should be transparent so that you can always check how our clients are doing. You want to partner up with a company that stays accountable for their performance.

4.    Choose an SEO reseller platform that is semi-automated and human-monitored. Consider Blackwood Productions. Our intelligent SEO platform automates repetitive and tedious SEO tasks but our in-house experts are constantly monitoring everything to make adjustments as necessary.

We are always on top of our link algorithms and placement scripts and ideologies. You can rest assured that every client you bring in gets personalized attention. We custom-adjust the specifics of every campaign to generate the best possible results. If a campaign does not perform satisfactorily, we immediately review it, determine what the problem is, and fix the issue right away.
5.    Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by long-term contracts. If you don’t line the SEO reseller program and want to quit, you should have no problems doing so—right away. Choose a pay-as-you-go monthly arrangement that doesn’t bind you in complicated agreements.

6.    The SEO reseller program must have a solid link strategy. Link building has become trickier than ever. One wrong move can wipe out your clients’ rankings in a matter of hours. This is why you want to partner up with an SEO company that has a proven, 100% legitimate link technology

Blackwood Productions’ link system is far more advanced and intelligent than your average link exchange network. We use advanced algorithms to ensure that Google does not interpret the link transactions as spam. Everything looks natural and follows Google’s strict link building guidelines.

7.    Ask for a free trial. We at Blackwood Productions are so confident that you will love our SEO reseller platform, so we are ready to grant you a 30-day free trial. You read that right—it’s FREE to test the waters and assess if we’re a good fit. Take full advantage of that period to familiarize yourself with our technology and understand how it can help your clients. Feel free to contact our staff anytime should you have questions.

When it comes to turnkey SEO reseller programs, it’s hard to beat Blackwood Productions. Our SEO platform makes life so much easier for resellers like you. Simply focus on the sales and add new clients—we do all the actual optimization work. We have a team of top-notch programmers, professional writers, and SEO veterans who have been delivering the best results—as quickly as possible—since 2004.

Work with us today and benefit from an SEO product that is proven effective and affordable.
We train you so that you can maximize our platform and truly provide the highest levels of service to your customers. And did we mention that we have some of the highest commission percentages in the SEO reselling industry? Earn anywhere from 25% to 50% for each client you bring in. Fill out this form today and let’s do business!

How Businesses Can Expand Their Clientele With Reliable SEO Reseller Programs

 seo reseller programsAn SEO reseller can either be a company or an individual that basically supports businesses with a range of SEO services. So even if you don’t have any SEO expertise, you can still ask for SEO services that can get you organic traffic and boost your backlinks. With SEO reseller programs, you get more time to deliver your best work and get new clients as well.No matter how much ...

The Reason Why You Should Join A SEO Reseller Program

seo reseller programsSEO resellers are seen as company or agencies, or groups of people who can take SEO (search engine optimization) services for other companies The main purpose of SEO reseller services is to advance smooth, excellent SEO services to those customers who have their own Want to improve the number of visitors to websitesIf you look at the Internet today, the demand for high SEO services is to build one ...
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