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Ways to Incorporate SEO into Your Business without Hiring an SEO Company

An SEO company can add great value to your search optimization campaign, especially when you are having a hard time ranking well in searches for your type of business. However, hiring a team of specialists can also be very expensive, more so for a small business with limited marketing budgets. Knowing that SEO is an important ingredient for success in the online world, many business owners are looking for ways to incorporate web optimization into their business formula without having to spend much of their hard earned money on outsourced talent. Here are ways that you can integrate SEO into your business, along with insights on why hiring an SEO company might be a more practical solution:

1.    Train your existing employees. You may already have people on your team with the necessary skills to do SEO in house. Sometimes, they just need a little training and familiarity with how the whole search engine optimization world works. For instance, your advertising or marketing employees may already be familiar with the basic principles of search optimization, and your IT staff may know how to modify your website to make it more search engine friendly. These in house talents are great assets that you can hone to eliminate the need to outsource services. Sometimes, training people in house is cheaper than hiring people externally to do the job, because these employees are already on your payroll. Moreover, there are numerous online resources that are available for free, if you want your employees to learn more about SEO and gain access to tools that majority of professionals use themselves.

2.    Retain a consultant. You may also consider retaining the services of an SEO consultant, if you don't have people with the right skill set or if your marketing and IT employees simply don't have the time or capacity to take on additional responsibilities. Hiring a consultant offers practicality, as you gain access to the latest techniques in SEO and you get to launch your campaign quickly without having to worry about strategizing and planning. Consultancy is also often cheaper than hiring or recruiting new employees to do the work, as you won't have to pay them regularly (most consultants charge on a per-project basis, unlike regular employees that you will have to pay hourly, with the added responsibility of dealing with payroll taxes).

3.    Hire an SEO company. While hiring an SEO company may seem like an expensive solution. It can also be more cost-effective than training in-house employees or retaining the help of a consultant. One of the best things about hiring a professional SEO team is that they know exactly what they are doing, which pretty much guarantees an improvement in your web standings and overall online presence and activity. These people are less likely to commit costly mistakes that your newly trained in house team might run into, and they can offer more comprehensive services than most any consultant can provide.


Seo Company

6 Factors To Consider When Seeking The Services An SEO Company

seo companyDigital marketing is the new trend that most modern businesses are adopting because of the wider coverage it has over other marketing channels. As such, many SEO companies are springing up on a daily basis, and it can be somewhat difficult for you to know those that are genuine. So, to avoid seeking the services of amateurish service providers, here are six factors to guide your selection: 1. Why Are You ...

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Local Seo Services

Local SEO Services

When your business depends largely on local customer traffic, it is very important to focus your efforts on local SEO. You need the right local SEO services that will take care of the most important elements that will help you rank well in local searches. Search engine optimization, whether targeting local, national, or global audiences, should never be about tricking the system into thinking you are relevant in your location and/or niche, but always about actually being relevant in it. It’s all about convincing search engines that your business matters by designing your website in such a way that would attract good local search signals. Finding the right keywords to include in your website and website copies is not enough to do well in searches. You also need to know how to use them right and how to use other website elements to your advantage:

1.    Title Tags. Your page titles can be a powerful tool for local SEO. Page titles can create subject relevance and attract local search signals at the same time, especially if you include your brand name, your target keyword, and your location in them. Doing it all in under 70 characters not only attracts search bots, but encourages more click-throughs from end users as well.

2.    Meta Descriptions. Every page on a website must have an optimized meta description. In addition to the page title, this portion that shows up in search results gives readers a little more insight about the page's content. It is like a mini advertisement or a snippet of what the whole page is all about. Local SEO services leverage meta descriptions by including the brand name, targeted keyword, location, and other relevant information about the page. It is also better if you can fit all these information in less than 155 characters.

3.    Website Footer. Just like meta descriptions and page titles, many also neglect the importance of the website footer in SEO. You can also use this portion of the website to attract local search signals by including your business address and adding your local area phone number in it.

4.    Content. More than anything else, your content should be keyword and location relevant. It is best to include references to the specific location you are targeting, whenever possible and appropriate and where they fit naturally so as to avoid stuffing and maintain the quality of your website copy.

5.    TLDs and other geo-targeting tools. When targeting a specific country, it is imperative to run your website on a TLD or a top-level domain to make sure your location is well represented through your URL suffix. Embedding a map that shows your business address within your About or Contact Us page is also a good way to define your location not only to users but to search engines as well.

6.    Local Profiles. Creating local profiles through Google+ Local and similar providers like Yahoo Local and Bing Places also provides relevant links and references to your location.

7.    Reviews. Your presence on various review sites also provide location relevance for your website by means of links and location-specific information in the profile. Not only that—reviews (whether positive or negative) also serve as free publicity for your business, making you more relevant in your niche.

What You Should Know About Local SEO Services

When it comes to creating a very strong and reliable online marketing strategy, the search engine ranking of your website is one of the most important factors to consider. The major aspect of your online marketing strategy begins with the SEO techniques you use for your site and your site itself.Nevertheless, to make that the search engine rankings of your website very high, you will need the help of local SEO ...

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Building Your Own SEO Team vs. Outsourcing to SEO Companies

High search rankings are valuable assets for businesses. First page rankings in search engines equate to many things, most important of which are high returns and conversions. As more and more companies realize the value and implication of proper search optimization in their business, the demand for SEO companies has also risen exponentially. However, there are two approaches to building your SEO strategy that you can use to ensure cost-effective and practical search engine optimization—building your own in-house team and outsourcing to professionals. Before you decide which approach will best benefit your company, take a look at this skill set that your expert SEO team must have for an effective campaign:

1.    Technical SEO: you need people in the team that knows all about the technicalities of the SEO process, from keyword research to data analysis, and other forms of data evaluation such as traffic measurement and assessment of results. Someone in the team must know how to examine data and draw conclusions from them, so you know where you stand in your SEO efforts.

2.    Link Building: one of the most important aspects of search optimization, linking plays a big role in pulling up your website rankings. Make sure the SEO companies you consider have solid backlinking strategies or have someone in your own team, whose task lies in pursuing link-building opportunities and soliciting back links.

3.    Content Creation: SEO requires constant generation of fresh content, whether it be articles, images, videos, infographics, or any other type of content that supports the main point of your website. This will help you keep your website current and maintain your authority in your niche. Content creation requires a creative mind that also knows a good deal about the technicalities of the SEO process, such as keyword inclusion.

4.    Web Development: web design and technical web development goes hand in hand. More than your back links, actual content, and meta data, a lot of other variables figure into search optimization and how search engines rank your website. Internal linking, navigation, content indexing, as well as site speed and user-friendliness all play a part in your website rankings. This is why you should also go for SEO companies that offer web development skills or train one of your own to be adept in this area. One of the best benefits of outsourcing this skill to experts or professionals is that they are knowledgeable about all the trends and current practices in the markets, which gives them the ability to modify your website in tune with the latest standards set by search engines.

5.    Project Management: With all these skills and processes, your SEO team also needs at least one person or an entire department that can manage everything that SEO entails. Your project managers should know how to delegate tasks to the right people, follow up with specific teams to make sure that objectives are being met, and most importantly, know how to develop measurable and reasonable SEO goals.

Seo Company Services

There is no definite equation or formula that you can employ to determine exactly when to outsource your SEO company services or do it in-house. You will find many companies going back and forth in hiring outside help and using in-house talents to maintain their SEO campaigns as the situation asks. When deciding whether or not to outsource SEO work, keep in mind that your choice must be a based on factors like the location of your business, the industry you are in, your business model, and most importantly, your funds. This brings us to the first item in the checklist of main things to consider when outsourcing or doing SEO in-house:

1.    Budget/Overall Costs. Cash will always be an issue whether you choose to outsource or simply assign an in-house talent to take care of your SEO work. If you can only afford to allot $200 a month for SEO, then you may not have the necessary budget to take your website to the experts. Cost is a good indicator of how good an SEO company is. Most (although not all) SEO consultants who try to sell you online marketing services for a few bucks while promising ridiculously high returns will probably engage in shady and spammy practices to give you short term results that will boost your ratings for a time, but end up penalizing your site because of unethical practices. Outsourcing reliable SEO company services requires some serious financial investment, not a few dollars each month. It may cost you upwards of $1,000 a month to run a decent SEO campaign if you hire a reputable company, but don’t worry—your website will pay for itself once the campaign starts bringing in returns.

2.    Immediate Need. You also need to determine whether there is a critical need for optimization services in your business model or you can get by with a well-grounded, low-maintenance SEO campaign that can easily be handled by your in-house team. If however, your business model largely depends on a strong online marketing strategy, then outsourcing services to the experts while maintaining your in-house team might be necessary to get a good handle on your marketing efforts.

3.    Availability of services and expertise. SEO is a large industry and professionals are literally scattered around the globe. It can be hard at times to find professionals that are available to you locally, which makes it more practical to outsource services (overseas even, when necessary). Hiring long distance is common practice in the SEO world. Not only is the system practical, it also serves both businesses and service providers well, budget-wise and time-wise.

Deciding whether or not to hire SEO company services for your online marketing efforts requires proper evaluation and analysis of your specific situation, factoring in the most relevant dynamics of your business as well as the current situation of the market. Keep these things and mind and you will be able to make an informed decision that will best serve your business.

Seo Consulting Services

Do You Really Need SEO Consulting Services?

In most cases, the only way to pull your website from the rut of invisibility and low online ratings is finding reliable SEO consulting services to help fix it. Every business owner knows what influence the internet has in the success or failure of their enterprise. However, many fail to realize its true potential because of an incompetent SEO program or sometimes, inexperienced consultants that are not knowledgeable enough to handle the challenges that search optimization and marketing bring. This is why it is important to study your options when trying to look for consultancy services and agencies to handle your SEO work. Here are some tips to help you take the first steps in hiring SEO services:

1.    Determine the need for SEO services. You don't always need a sophisticated optimization program to cure your traffic deficiency and unpopularity online. But if yours is a starting company that needs to build a new website to establish internet presence or have an existing website that is getting zero traffic or zero conversions, then hiring an SEO consultant is a practical step. Websites that are not optimized for social media, search engine and user-friendliness as well as those that need expansion to more current digital markets like mobile, also call for SEO consulting services.

2.    Know where to find reliable SEO agencies. SEO companies live and thrive online and they don't necessarily need to have a brick and mortar headquarters to operate (as most their clients are online, anyway). Most conversations are also carried out online, which makes services easier to access. This whole ‘virtual transaction’ scenario is certainly practical, but it also makes you vulnerable to the danger of dealing with unscrupulous and dodgy providers. To ensure the trustworthiness of the company you are hiring, ask around. It is best to find recommendations through your friends and contacts within your own networks, explore ads, and take a chance on companies that lead organic search rankings, but be sure to check their reputation before agreeing to use their service.

3.    Assess the reliability of your potential providers. In addition to checking customer testimonials, you might also want to examine their offers and promises as well as the actions that they intend to take to actually help your site rank better. If they can't explain how to go about raising your online standing, move on to your next prospect. Experienced consultants and firms know their craft well enough to show you how it's done. You should also ask about their pricing scheme for their SEO consulting services and talk to them about doing an SEO audit to evaluate the exact needs of your site.

4.    Know at least some SEO basics. It will be much easier for you to understand what your SEO consultant can and will do for your site if you know the basic principles that apply to website optimization. This will help you determine what it means to have a long term campaign and what link building, keyword optimization, and content management is all about, which are just some of the main elements of good SEO.

5.    Set clear expectations. Search engine optimization should always be result-driven. One of the best things about this form of marketing is that results are easily measurable, with all the metrics and analytics available to help you monitor and analyze your site's progress and/or stagnancy when it comes to search rankings.

SEO Consulting Services: Why You Need An SEO Consultant

SEO is mainly about configuring your site content to be more relevant to search engines in order to drive the growth of your business optimally. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that has long-term effects, and it requires a lot of investment (time and money) for it to be successful.If you want to carry out this process all by yourself, it is going to take you several months of trial ...
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